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Resources to Share: Say You’re Sorry

Resources to Share are information and tips we find on the web that we hope will be useful or interesting.  This short column by Bryan Post of the Post Institute is taken from The Post Parenting Minute (60 Seconds of Parenting Wisdom).  It explores the difficulty we all may face from time to time of making and accepting[…]


Talking to Kids about Trauma

In today’s world we are connected through a constant news and social media stream delivered to our TVs, phones and computers.  Through that technology we all, young and old alike, share our common humanity; from the wonderful to the terrifying.  Regrettably, we are not always able to filter that stream and protect our youth and children from witnessing violent events or[…]


Homework, Chores & Other Kiddo To-Dos

Bryan Post of the Post Institute shares his thoughts about how homework and other “get it done,” activities in your child’s world can serve as quality time that strengthen relationships all while having fun, relating to one another and playing together. By doing homework with your child, not only do you have an opportunity to[…]

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Crash Course in Parenting – Part 1

Dr. Daniel G. Amen, MD wrote this three part series as a “crash course in superior parenting skills.”    We have reposted this from his original on the Amen Clinics website. Few things are more important in life than raising children. Yet, most people receive no formal parent training or education. In large measure, parenting skills are developed[…]