5 Ways to Improve Relationships

It’s a new year.  Kick it off by improving your relationships with the youth in your life!

With the beginning of a new year, we may create personal resolutions in pursuit of improvement.  Many resolutions focus inward on improving health, being more active or getting out of debt.  Others focus outward, seeking to improve our interactions with others.  At CF Learning Families, we encourage you to take this time to consider how you may improve your relationships with the youth in your life.

Start here for simple, accessible ways to better your relationships with your kids.

Over the next several postings, we will explore five ways to help you develop stronger relationships with your kids. Each post will contain a relationship tip and real-world examples.  Suggestions regarding how to apply the information will be included.  Topics will span the following:
  • Identifying strengths in each individual and learning what brings them joy;
  • How to praise and recognize them individually – for degrees of success; not just complete success;
  • Including them – in conversatons, in activities, in cooking, in your life;
  • Greeting them every time you see them, by name; and
  • Talking, listening, and making eye contact – to show that you are concerned about what they have to say and about them.
Join us for this five-part series examining ways to increase the connectedness between us and the kids we care for.
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Strengths and Joy as Connection Points

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