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This site is an assortment of resources we have gathered during our journey as learners, professionals, leaders and educators in the youth care field. Along the way, we have gained much from the children and families we have served. The creation of this site serves to reflect those experiences. As we share where we have been, what we have done and where we're going we ask, "How may we help you?"
Who We Are: Cal Farley's Boys Ranch

Nestled in the rolling hills northwest of Amarillo, Texas, Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch is a residential community open to at-risk children ages 5 to 18. While, at first glance, the campus might appear much like any other Texas Panhandle town, it is much more. Boys Ranch is an entire community built to surround children from across the nation with nurturing support and structure. Each person who comes in contact with the children understands the importance of healthy relationships.